A & D Wines

​Alexandre Gomes comes from a long line of farmers in the Baião area of the Minho in northern Portugal, famously the home of Vinho Verde, with Baião itself especially well-known for growing the Avesso grape. In 1991, Alexandre began planting a new vineyard of just five hectares dedicated to the region’s native varieties. Then in 2005 together with his wife Diana he purchased Quinta dos Espinhosos, also in Baião, supplementing that in 2015 with Quinta da Santa Teresa.
By 2020 the totality of the 45 ha of vineyard was certified organic, making A&D Wines the biggest organic wine producer from the Vinho Verde region.
“Our goal is to produce good, sincere wines, using organic and sustainable techniques and working exclusively with the grapes from our own vineyards, respecting the local biodiversity.”

Alexandre and his team boost the soil’s regenerative processes by re-incorporating composted sub-products of the vineyard and promoting the growth of plants for soil coverage which contributes to greater nutrients. They don’t use synthetic products or herbicides instead promoting the growth of flora and fauna to help control the spread of diseases.

As water is regarded as a precious resource, it is meticulously managed by controlling vegetal coverage and during the Winter months  encouraging animal grazing inside the vineyard to control the growth of the soil’s vegetal coverage and contribute to natural fertiliser.

Link to producer page: https://www.andwines.pt/en