Quaffology Aims

Our wine selection is based on supporting 

  • small producers – from family run businesses that have been passed on from generation to generation to new start-ups going it alone
  • people with a passion for what they do – we have a quite a few producers who started their winery by making wine for themselves and their friends, what better reason?!
  • farmers who take responsibility for the sustainability of their land – most of our producers are practising or certified to farm organically and sustainably
  • curiosity & adventure – our selection can often lead us to recommend wines that perhaps you hadn’t thought of trying or even knew existed
  • value for money – by avoiding the big brand names and often regions, we aim to bring you wines that are off-the-beaten-track, those that offer great value for money while supporting smaller growers
  • waste reduction – all of our packaging is biodegradeable and recycled/able
  • FUN! – whilst wine is so much more than fermented grape juice, we want you to join us having fun, learning a little, discussing and of course quaffing responsibly

The Back Story – by Quaff’s Founder, Penny

When the owner of a local retail icon, Sandys, suggested he would like to add another string to an already full orchestra of the gourmet good things in life, it’s fair to say I got rather excited!

You see good food and great wine have always been my jam and as someone who loves to travel and has lived in Sydney, Singapore, Stockholm and Munich, I felt I was certainly up for the challenge.

As anyone who lives near Twickenham in south west London will know, Sandys Fishmongers is a bit of an institution and owner Stuart Sandys has been in the business since the tender age of 14.  Serving the local community is his passion and you’ll be hard pushed to find such a wonderfully diverse range of quality fish, seafood, meat and deli products in one place. The wine side started small, you know the odd bottle of wine here and there and soon Sandys had a wine list of over 50 wines. It was at this point we both felt a new space to fully showcase the wines we were sourcing was needed.

Whilst our search for a permanent location continues, we currently have a great little ‘pop-up’ showroom in St Margarets where we provide our lovely, supportive neighbourhood with wine-snob-free, practical advice on choosing wines to personal tastes, occasions and food pairing. The place aims to be informal and cosy with attention to personal service. Here we host private and ticketed tasting events and with two in-house chefs at Sandys, these tastings closely link food with wine.

We also of course have this website, which grows daily, delivers nationally and aims to take on all feedback we get from you in order to continually evolve and create the same feeling albeit virtually, as our neighbourhood store.

We would love for you to become wine adventurers with us, to be ‘viticurious’ in much the same way as being epicurious means exploring new cuisines.

Now here’s some stuff we found in a dictionary ………

Quaffology Artwork

Quaffology – a little definition

To quaff is to do so with hearty enjoyment, whilst an ‘ology is defined as a subject of study, a branch of knowledge if you will.

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